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NBA holds Rising Stars draft for rookies, sophs

By Matt Moore 

The NBA held the 2012 Rising Stars Challenge draft Thursday night, the first time the two selected celebrity coaches would draft their own teams from the available pool of eligible selected rookies and sophomores. Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley alternated picks on a live telecast on NBATV, with Barkley coming away with a well-rounded, not-as-star-studded roster and Shaq essentially taking Blake Griffin, Greg Monroe and a bunch of guards. 

Jeremy Lin was a late addition to the pool, along with Norris Cole, after Lin's meteoric rise to stardom created a public outcry to place Lin into the competition. 

Notable from the selections were O'Neal taking Blake Griffin first overall, John Wall sliding to the seventh pick, Lin going second overall to O'Neal's team and an amazing instance of serendipity as Charles Barkley, a brash, rebounding, aggressive big man took DeMarcus Cousins, who is very much in line with the traits Barkley possessed at his age. 

Kyrie Irving going first for Barkley's team shows how strongly most consider the sharpshooting Rookie of the Year leader. 

2012 NBA Rising Stars Challenge




Blake Griffin


Kyrie Irving

Jeremy Lin


DeMarcus Cousins

Ricky Rubio


Gordon Hayward

Markieff Morris


Paul George

Greg Monroe


Derrick Williams

Landry Fields


MarShon Brooks

Norris Cole


John Wall

Kemba Walker


Tiago Splitter

Brandon Knight


Evan Turner

Tristan Thompson


Kawhi Leonard

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Report: Lakers to retire Shaq's jersey in 2012-13

Shaquille O'Neal's jersey is reportedly headed for the Staples Center rafters. (Getty Images)
Posted by Ben Golliver

The plan is finally starting to come together.

In the immediate aftermath of Shaquille O'Neal's retirement back in June 2011, the Los Angeles Lakers announced that the franchise would retire his No. 34 jersey.
At the time, a team spokesperson said there was no timetable for when the ceremony would take place.

NBA.com reports on Thursday that the Lakers are expected to retire O'Neal's jersey during the 2012-2013 season, citing the rushed lockout schedule as the reason why the ceremony didn't take place this year.

O'Neal paired with Lakers guard Kobe Bryant to win three titles for the franchise. His time with the Lakers is generally regarded as the high point of his career, making the jersey retirement decision a no-brainer. 

Lakers owner Jerry Buss issued a statement of appreciation for O'Neal last summer.

"Shaq had a long and amazing career," Buss' statement read. "A huge impact both on and off the court. His contributions were significant to the entire NBA, but we specifically appreciate what he did with and what he meant to the Lakers during his eight years with us. We have three championships that we wouldn’t have won without him, and we will forever be grateful for his significant contributions to those teams."

Earlier this week, Bryant passed O'Neal to move into fifth place on the NBA's all-time scoring list. O'Neal graciously congratulated Bryant on the achievement, calling him, "the greatest Laker ever."

O'Neal is currently serving as an NBA commentator for TNT.

The Lakers have only retired the jerseys of seven players to date. All seven are members of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

The full list: 
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -- No. 33
  • Elgin Baylor -- No. 22
  • Wilt Chamberlain -- No. 13 
  • Gail Goodrich -- No. 25
  • Magic Johnson -- No. 32
  • Jerry West -- No. 44
  • James Worthy -- No. 42
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Shaq congratulates Kobe for passing him

Posted by Royce Young

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal didn't finish their relationship on the best of terms, but there was always mutual respect. And when Kobe passed Shaq for fifth all-time in career scoring, there wasn't any doubt that Shaq would give proper props.

Greatest Laker ever? We haven't forgotten Earvin Magic Johnson so quickly, have we? But then again, with Kobe now sitting firmly fifth all-time in scoring with a good chance to climb as high as third along with his five rings, maybe there's a case...
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Kobe Bryant passes Shaq on all-time points list

Posted by Royce Young

Kobe now has pretty much every bragging right he needs over Shaquille O'Neal. Rings (5-4, Kobe) and now points.

Kobe passed Shaq on the NBA's all-time scoring list with a deep 2-pointer with 5:08 left in the second quarter Monday against the 76ers. Of course, fittingly, Philadelphia being Bryant's hometown. Sixers coach Doug Collins pulled a classy move following it by calling timeout to let there be some acknowledgment of the milestone.

Kobe now stands with 28,597 career points which places him fifth all-time behind Wilt Chamberlain (31,419), Michael Jordan (32,292), Karl Malone (36,928) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387). So currently, Kobe is a little less than 10,000 points behind Kareem meaning he would have to average about 23 points per game over the next five seasons (assuming he plays in all 82 games), to finish No. 1.

Bryant, who is still just 33 years old, could potentially do it. But he's played in a lot of games though and his body could wear out before he gets there. Abdul-Jabbar probably isn't in play, but Chamberlain and Jordan definitely are. There's a strong possibility of Kobe finishing third all-time in scoring. That's just... incredible.

Here's what Matt Moore of CBSSports.com wrote Monday
about Kobe passing his former teammate:
When Bryant passes O'Neal, however, it will not be the petulant child crossing the pillar of dominance without validation. Kobe Bryant, remarkably, considering what we thought that summer in 2004, has proved himself the better player. He is the second best shooting guard the game of basketball has ever witnessed.

Were it not for his airness, he would likely be regarded as the best player of the modern era, arguably the best of all time. That he is measured constantly against the complete, nearly spotless, and unfathomably incredible resume of Michael Jordan only fuels the fire that is the public debate over Kobe Bryant. Never as good as Jordan, but good enough to dare and make the ascent to try.
As for passing Shaq, it took Kobe 1,128 games to reach this mark while it took Shaq 1,207. Over his career, Kobe has averaged about two more points per game than Shaq partly because of the final four years of Shaq's career where he barely averaged double-digits while battling injuries and age.

Kobe Bean is now a top five all-time scorer though, which is an incredible place to be. It's a little hard to really put his career in perspective right now because it's not finished, but when it's all said and done, you'll be able to put Kobe's resume up against pretty much anyone's.
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Kobe Bryant passes Shaq on all-time scoring list

Kobe Bryant moves ahead of Shaquille O'Neal on the all-time scoring list Monday night. (Getty Images)
By Matt Moore

Kobe Bryant passed Shaquille O'Neal on the all-time scoring list Monday night with 28 points, passing the former Lakers center in the first half of a loss to Philadelphia. 

Of Bryant's 1,127 games, he has scored 23 points or fewer in just 498. To put that in perspective, Bryant has scored 24 points or higher more often than he's scored less. Which is independently insane. So the odds were pretty great that Byrant would score 24 points Monday night. Bryant came out firing and lit up the Sixers in the first half to clear the mark before bottoming out and going 2-of-12 in the second half. 

It set the stage for what nonetheless was a phenomenal night in Philadelphia, a home of sorts to Bryant, if anywhere can really be home for Bryant.  Bryant was born in Philadelphia, and spent his high school career there. It was there he declared for the NBA draft right out of high school, and began a career that has become legend. And throughout that career, during good times and bad, he has been intertwined with the player he passed Monday, Shaquille O'Neal. 

NBA scoring listThere is no narrative here of student and teacher. Bryant and O'Neal were no contemporaries. Shaq's prime came during Bryant's ascension. Bryant was not the man when O'Neal was in town, not in role, not in effect, not in personality. It was Shaq who was the face of the Lakers, and Bryant's brilliance was an underlining, a framing of that. But every year it became more and more apparent that it was Bryant in which the Lakers' future resided, and more and more apparent that the two could not co-exist.

I spoke with former L.A. Daily News and current New York Times reporter Howard Beck for an audio magazine I publish independently of CBSSports.com. Beck covered O'Neal during that championship run in the early 2000's, and in the interview he discusses how you can't discuss Shaq of that era without discussing Kobe, nor vice-versa. He spoke of how at one point O'Neal discussed in a private moment with Beck his ongoing tumultuous relationship with Bryant and how he himself, how neither side could understand why they couldn't get along. 

And yet they did not.

The Lakers lost the 2004 title due to brilliant defense by the Detroit Pistons and an injury to Karl Malone, the Lakers traded Shaq for Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and pieces, and O'Neal went on to win his fourth title. Bryant languished in L.A., trying to drag a poor roster deep in the playoffs behind his own monstrous individual performances. It was the birth of the questions of exactly how much Bryant should shoot, how much Bryant should try and score, whether he can make his teammates better.

It remains a debate, two titles later.

Bryant passing O'Neal, however, was not the the petulant child crossing the pillar of dominance without validation. Kobe Bryant, remarkably, considering what we thought that summer in 2004, has proved himself the better player. He is the second-best shooting guard the game of basketball has ever witnessed. Were it not for his airness, he would likely be regarded as the best player of the modern era, arguably the best of all time. That he is measured constantly against the complete, nearly spotless, and unfathomably incredible resume of Michael Jordan only fuels the fire that is the public debate over Kobe Bryant. Never as good as Jordan, but good enough to dare and make the ascent to try.

We talk of defense in the modern game. Of the pick-and-roll, and efficiency, of usage and help defense, of points per possession and win shares. But the game of basketball is built around one team, made up of five players, trying to score more points than the other. Kobe Bryant took another step up the scoring mountain Monday night, passing his rival, his former teammate, his former partner in championship glory.

Bryant's career isn't over. He's seeking revenge for a humiliating sweep to the Mavericks. He's cementing his legacy and still trying to prove he is the player his loudest advocates suggest. He scored, he passed O'Neal, he will move forward to the next game. But it's important to take this moment and recognize that Bryant passing O'Neal isn't simply a matter of digits. It's a microcosm of where Bryant came from, Philadelphia, where he came to prominence, alongside while simultaneously versus Shaq, and where he has arrived, as the elite scorer of the modern age of basketball.

28 points on 26 shots. Passing another legend, losing the game. The fire of debate over Kobe Bryant continues.

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Dwight on Shaq: 'He's mad about Superman'

Posted by Ben Golliver 


The Los Angeles Lakers are in Orlando to face the Magic for a nationally-televised game on Friday night, and the future Hall of Fame center who bolted Disney World for Disney Land back in the 1990s is stirring things up between his two former teams.

TNT commentator Shaquille O'Neal said recently that Lakers center Andrew Bynum -- and not Magic center Dwight Howard -- is the "best big man" in the NBA.

"Andrew Bynum is a true big man," O'Neal said. "He can back you down, jump hook. Dwight Howard has one or two moves on the block.  His one move is the running jump hook and the other move is a pick and roll and get inside. Andrew Bynum has the right jump hook and the left jump hook."

O'Neal and Howard have had an ongoing back-and-forth for some time now, and Howard responded to the criticism in comments made to reporters and posted to NBA.com on Friday morning.

"He's mad about Superman," Howard said, in reference to a nickname once used by O'Neal and co-opted by Howard for the 2008 Slam Dunk Contest. "I didn't know he made it up. I didn't know Superman came from Shaquille O'Neal... He's still mad about it. I would suggest he just sit down and get on with his life. He don't play no more so what's the point of talking trash. It's not like we're wrestlers and we can battle it out. Who cares?"

Barkley called out O'Neal for picking Bynum over O'Neal based on the "Superman" nickname beef.

"That ain't got nothing to do with it," O'Neal claimed. 

Of course, there's no contest. Howard, 26, averages more points, grabs more rebounds, dishes more assists, gets more steals, blocks more shots and shoots a better field goal percentage than Bynum. Howard has missed seven games in 7+ NBA seasons while Bynum has repeatedly been sidelined with injuries. Here's a statistical side-by-side if you need convincing. Howard is a 5-time All-Star, 3-time Defensive Player of the Year, 4-time All-NBA first team. Bynum, 24, is having a career year and will make his first All-Star game, but his best individual achievement to this point was making the 2005 McDonald's All-American game. He's probably the league's second-best big man, but he's a distant second.

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy dismissed O'Neal's comments.

"I don't really watch those guys very much. Not that I don't have tremendous respect for what they say," Van Gundy joked, "not that I'm not trying to learn from them at every opportunity, but I just don't have time really... Shaq can say whatever he wants. He has a forum where he's supposed to talk and give his opinions."
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Shaquille O'Neal swears on live TNT broadcast

Posted by Ben Golliver shaq-barkley

Rookie move.

Shaquille O'Neal spent 19 years in the NBA as arguably the most dominant center of all-time, but he's in his first year as a basketball commentator for TNT and he's off to a sloppy start.

During Thursday night's telecast if Inside The NBA, O'Neal accidentally said the word "s***" with his microphone still live as the crew went to a commercial break. O'Neal was on the set with host Ernie Johnson and fellow commentators Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley.

"You know who I blame for that s***, I blame..." Shaq began, before Smith cut in with an "Oh!" and the segue way to commercials could actually take place. O'Neal was not visible when he uttered the profanity, with the outro graphics already rolling.

Here's video of O'Neal's slip-up via USA Today.

Yahoo Sports notes that the TNT panel tried to make amends for O'Neal's profanity by making light of it later in the broadcast.
The good news is that TNT characteristically managed to have a little fun with the moment. At halftime of the Grizzlies/Knicks game that kicked off the doubleheader, Shaq stuffed a bar of soap in his mouth to wash out all the bad words. 
O'Neal's commentating work was recently the subject of some mocking by Barkley, who hosted Saturday Night Live last weekend and imitated his low-energy, marble-mouthed delivery. Barkley was also caught on a live microphone during a recent TNT broadcast referring to his endorsement of Weight Watchers as a "scam."

O'Neal announced in June that he was retiring from the NBA. By July, he had signed with Turner to join the popular TNT broadcast.
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Man gets Barkley, Bavetta kiss tattoo for Shaq

Posted by Ben Golliverbarkley-tattoo

Sometimes a decision can be so wrong that it is right.

Ball Don't Lie notes that NBA legend and TNT commentator Shaquille O'Neal recently joked that he would pay $1,000 to anyone who got a tattoo commemorating the famous kiss between Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta. The Hall of Fame forward and NBA official puckered up after a footrace at 2007 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Well, that tossaway line by O'Neal apparently caused someone to get the smooch inked on his body.

KEYT.com reports that Emmet Bentle, a bartender in Santa Barbara, California, actually got the image tattooed on his ankle.
"Yeah, I'm hoping Shaq sees it, at least responds and if I get the one thousand dollars great, but if I don't its cool, just get my name out there, get my 15 minutes, you know," said Bentley.

Emmet signed up for Twitter over the weekend, in order to specifically post the picture. Now, he has more than 100 followers, but as of right now, no word from Shaq.
Here's a larger picture of the tattoo. The tattoo shows the two men kissing on the lips with hearts sprouting like flowers in the background. 15 minutes of fame; a lifetime of your ankle being "Where Amazing Happens."

Best worst execution of a good bad idea ever?

Hat tip: IAmAGM.com.

Want to see more NBA tattoos? We've got you covered.
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