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Posted on: February 25, 2012 11:46 pm

Jeremy Evans wins 2012 Slam Dunk Contest

By Matt Moore 

The dunk contest is dead. 

Many of you are rolling your eyes, either because you think it's been dead for nearly a decade, many of you because you feel it's not important enough to be declared DOA. But it's over. It's done. I've tried for several years to argue that the contest is too fun and the chances of a rare excellent dunk (like DeMar DeRozan's East Bay Funk Dunk Remix last year) makes it worth it. But we hit a new low this year.

In a dunk contest that featured Derrick Williams dunking over a motorcycle (after Blake Griffin did it over a car last year), a really unfortunate "White Man Can't Jump" skit with Sean Combs, and Jeremy Evans trying something called the "iJam" which was him attaching a camera to himself while dunking, this was the one that wound up winning it for Evans.


The problem is JaVale McGee essentially did the same dunk last year, minus dunking over a professional Starcraft player in Gordon Hayward seated. Exceptionally difficult dunk, but I'm not entirely sure how impressive it really was. There's a gap between impressive and difficult, and this dunk is it. 

The dunk that may have actually been the best but didn't translate was Paul George's "Tron Dunk" (via Shaq).


The only way to get the dunk contest back to life is for stars to put aside their brand and participate. LeBron. Blake Griffin. We need stars to keep this thing alive or we just need to watch it fade away. 

However, you do have to feel good for Evans. He genuinely, very much wanted to participate in this contest, he lobbied to be included, he was thrilled to be a part of it, he's really happy to have won. We need that attitude, just with more violence in the dunks, fewer props and skits. Velocity plus veracity. Until then, the dunk contest is over.  
Posted on: February 25, 2012 8:32 pm
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All-Star Saturday Night Results

All-Star Saturday night is happening, which is exciting, for all of us, really. (Getty Images)

It's All-Star Saturday Night, when the best, or at least best with respect to relative health, come out to shine under the bright lights and other cliches. The Skills Contest, the 3-Point Shooting Contest, and the Slam Dunk Contest take place Saturday night, and we'll have updates to all the events and highlights here. Consider this your home for All-Star Saturday Night. 

You can follow us on Twitter @EyeOnBasketball, and follow our guys on the ground in our All-Star Saturday Night Experience

Haier Shooting Stars: Let's be honest, this is like the opening band you don't show up for.

Your contestants:

Team Orlando: Jameer Nelson, Marie Ferdinand-Harris, Dennis Scott

Team Atlanta: Jerry Stackhouse, Lindsey Harding, Steve Smith

Team New York: Landry Fields, Cappi Pondexter, Allan Houston 

Team Texas: Chandler Parsons, Sophia Young, Kenny Smith

Winner: TEAM NEW YORK: Allan Houston still has it. The man downed two half-court shots and team New York cleared the final round in 37 seconds. The fact that Kenny Smith and Allan Houston are still better shooters than any of the Milwaukee Bucks is a bit distressing. 

From Royce Young of CBSSports.com:

A reporter asked Allan Houston if he's in such good shape where he could almost -- "Stop. Stop it right now. This was fun ... It feels good to have a uniform again, but that's about it. That's about the limits if it." Then Landry Fields jumped in saying, "He's not taking that uniform off tonight."

Taco Bell Skills Challenge: Please don't hurt yourselves, you're basically your entire teams

Russell Westbrook

Rajon Rondo

John Wall

Deron Williams

Tony Parker

Winner: Tony Parker: Kyrie Irving was basically terrible. Rajon Rondo outid Russell Westbrook with a great time in a run-off round, then both Rondo and Deron Williams went on a brick fest on the mid-range jumper. Parker breezed to a win. The effort in this wasn't the worst thing you've ever seen, provided you've seen the Washington Wizards play this season. Williams didn't win, but he did have the fastest time on this run:


Foot Locker 3-Point Contest: If James Jones win, we're going to spit

James Jones

Kevin Love

Ryan Anderson

Kevin Durant

Anthony Morrow

Mario Chalmers

Winner: Kevin Love in an upset! Love found himself in a shoot-off with Kevin Durant after tying him in the final round, and then bested the scoring leader 17-14. James Jones made it to the final round and had a pretty low bar of 16 to best, but couldn't get it done, dropping just 12. A dominant rebounding power forward just won the 3-point contest. Boom. Click here for video highlights

Sprite Slam Dunk Contest: You don't know their names, but maybe that means they can only exceed expectations

Paul George

Derrick Williams

Chase Budinger

Jeremy Evans

Winner: No one. It was very likely the worst dunk contest of all time. Jeremy Evans did win, in a contest that featured him making a straight reverse dunk with a camera attached that no one got, and dunking over Kevin Hart dressed as a mailman while wearing a Karl Malone jerey. The coolest dunk of the night was Paul George in the dark. Goodnight everyone, and may God have Mercy on our souls.
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Jeremy Evans replacing Shumpert in dunk contest

Posted by Royce Young

It's no secret that this year's dunk contest field is a bit lackluster. That's not to say it won't be good, but when the four names were announced -- Derrick Williams, Chase Budinger, Paul George and Iman Shumpert -- there wasn't exactly a big buzz about it.

But with Shumpert suffering from a little patellar tendinitis, and won't be participating in the dunk contest after all. His replacement? Jeremy Evans of the Utah Jazz. Evans opened a Twitter account Tuesday night and tweeted, "Hey everybody! I'm brand new to twitter and hopefully will have a big announcement about All Star Weekend soon," along with a video of him dunking. Assuming that's legit, combined with a report saying Evans was in and the fact the Jazz has a video on their website announcing it. So yeah, Evans is in.

Evans had some serious buzz prior to the announcement of the field with a Twitter campaign called "JeremyEvansDunk" and a bunch of other support from bloggers and media types. He was a bit of a snub originally, so he's a worthy replacement.

With no Shumpert though, that also means no Jeremy Lin helping out, which seemed to be the contest's big selling point. Don't sleep on Evans though. Watch this dunk and tell me he isn't going to impress.

Via SLC Dunk
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Video: Jeremy Evans posterizes Gerald Wallace

Posted by Ben Golliver

Wednesday night's preseason game between the Utah Jazz and Portland Trail Blazers was all fun and games until Jazz forward Jeremy Evans decided to start jumping over people.

Evans, 24, is a second-year player out of Western Kentucky. It won't matter If he never has a better play than this during his NBA career because this was top-shelf.

Jazz forward Josh Howard found Evans trailing in transition, dishing the ball to him just inside the free throw line. Taking a gather step, Evans sprung into the air as Blazers forward Gerald Wallace moved in to take a charge. Evans catapulted over the top of Wallace -- striking a pose reminiscent of Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard's "Superman" dunk during the Slam Dunk Contest -- and threw the ball down into the rim from outside the protected circle.

Unfortunately, this early candidate for "Dunk of the Year" was called off as the referee whistled Evans for a charge. The call erased the two points but the memories will live forever. Jiminy Christmas.

Here's the video of Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans posterizing Portland Trail Blazers forward Gerald Wallace.

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