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Sonny Weems is a lonely Raptor

Posted on: April 1, 2011 12:13 pm

Posted by Matt Moore

Sure, you're an NBA player. You've got money, fame, access. You're a star athlete. Getting women is not exactly a problem. But there's a huge difference between many women and the right one. That's the quandary that apparently Sonny Weems is struggling with. 

The Toronto Star has a fun little article Friday about Weems, who posted an internet plea for a girlfriend on Twitter, and was predictably thronged with a deluge of offers. Because, you know, a random girl that tweets the star athlete is probably a safe bet for "take-her-home-to-mom" girlfriend material: 
“A lot of females come to you, and they tell you a story. ‘I want to be your girl. I’m different from other females.’ Or whatever. It happens all the time,” Weems said. “Athletes really have it hard, trying to find that person. Who can you trust?”

“It’s hard for us to trust (women), and it’s probably hard for them to trust us, too,” acknowledged Reggie Evans, the veteran Raptors forward who is married with children.

Why, then, would Weems, at age 24, bother seeking a relationship via Twitter? Evans wondered aloud if Weems has grown tired of being a soloist while one of his closest friends on the team, 21-year-old DeMar DeRozan, spends quality time with a steady girlfriend.

“DeMar’s been having a girlfriend for a while — it’s probably taking a toll on Sonny,” Evans said, a mischievous smile ever in place. “He probably thinks he needs someone.”

Amir Johnson, another of Weems’ close friends on the squad, and a currently single one, said cruising the Internet is futile.

“Just my take: You can’t search for your partner,” said Johnson, 23. “You’ve just got to let it happen naturally. Eventually you’ll find somebody."
via Who wants to date Raptors' Sonny Weems? - Toronto Star.

So there you have it. Love advice from Amir Johnson, who averages 5.1 fouls per 36 minutes. But really, he's a lover, not a fighter. 

It is good to see Weems at least being deliberate with his choice. Not that it's any of our business, but from the perspective of having seen so many players become entangled in ugly divorces after committing too soon to marriages made when young when the men are involved in lifestyles that are not conducive to committment.  Trying to find the right person is a noble but difficult pursuit in that kind of environment. 

Maybe someone should start a dating service for famous people. The Lakers could run it. After all, they're dating half the R&B stars of the 90's. 
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